Hochschulsport Hamburg welcomes you to the




the first virtual EAS Conference

17. September 2020, 10 am. - 6.30 pm.

The President welcomes the launch of the 2020 EAS Conference taking place online on Sep 17th.

Indeed, 2020 required all of us to adopt measures to prevent and to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. While physical distance is needed, we will keep staying connected. Thus, for the first time, the EAS General Assembly and Conference are now transformed into a virtual event hosted by the University of Hamburg (Germany).

To meet the dual-career excellence attendees, expect, the online EAS program includes keynote speakers and sessions with interactive Q&A sessions and two workshops. 

At the heart of our online program is the cutting-edge information in the European achievements and future activities, and the experiences of EU-funded projects on dual-career. Thus, the program will provide various views and approaches that will encourage key dual-career actions, policies, and research contributing to the development of the European dual-career discourse.

Your online EAS Conference pass will give you exclusive access to:

  • Annual General Assembly

  • All keynote presentations, sessions, and workshops

  • Post-Conference access to presentations


Therefore, the 2020 EAS conference will remain the privileged occasion for the interchange of ideas and stay current in the European dual-career field and networking! We are here for the benefit of athletes as students, and we look forward to seeing you online on September 17, 2020.


Sincerely, Laura Capranica, EAS President

9.00 - 10.00
General Assembly​ 

1.   Welcome Words
2.   Membership status and call roll
3.   Activity report of the Executive Committee
4.   Annual financial report
5.   Auditor/Finance Committee approval
6.   Approval of the General Assembly
7.   EAS conference venue and plan for 2021
8.   A.O.B.

General Assembly for representatives of enrolled member institutions. Participants will receive a separate ZOOM Link.

10.30 -16.30
Conference Mainbody

Introduction Session

1. Opening words and organizational remarks
by Host representative Joerg Foerster  (EAS Board Member) 


2. Welcoming words and overview on EAS network activities
by Laura Capranica  (EAS President) 


3. Keynote on the EU Sport policy - recent developments by Yves Le Lostecque  (Head of the Sport Unit, European Commission)  

4. Dual Career of athletes - what's next?

by Agata Dziarnowska (Policy officer, European Commission)

5. Status of Dual Career at Olympic Training Center Hamburg
by Olympic TC Wittfoth/Boehnert  (Career Counsellors) 

10.30 -12.00
12.00 -12.30
Lunch break
12.30 -16.30 
Project presentation Session

The project leaders of current running  EU projects will give an oral presentation of the project standings at the conference.

This is the opportunity for dissemination and discussion of the actual status of the projects and results achieved yet. 


Already confirmed are: 

16.30 -18.30


“Set your goal, select your tool, work your dual-career magic!!”


(Guided by the workshop team of the project group)

Exclusive preview and test session of the European Dual Career Toolkit for selected experts in the field of dual career. 

For more information see the abstract of the workshop here


Application necessary by mail to:

 -  info@starting11.eu -  

till 14. September required!

Take away: Get used to the innovative online tools to support the Dual Career pathway

Workshop Sessions

EdMedia Workshop


"Media as a tool for raising awareness of stakeholders on athletes dual-career"


(Guided by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Inga Staskeviciute-Butiene (Lithuanian Sports University)

For more information see the abstract of the workshop here


The workshop includes: 

  • A brief session on the topic: Who are the relevant stakeholders for increasing the visibility of student-athletes? (please find presentation attached)

  • A brief video on the expert’s opinion on “How social media can help promoting dual career”  

  • An online survey on the priorities and feasibility of future actions  

  • An open discussion for proposal of concrete actions and outcomes 

STARTING 11 Workshop

This years Motto: Dual Career - the European Perspective


The Registration has been closed. You will receive your access link via Email today afternoon (16.09)

Hochschulsport Hamburg Welcomes you all!